Luke Rockhold: Chris Weidman Will Dominate Vitor Belfort

By: Staff
Jan 10, 2014

Luke Rockhold, on “Beatdown,” discussing who will win between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort:

“Personally, I think Chris will dominate. I think he can get his takedown, and obviously you’ve got to avoid Vitor in the first round. That’s what he is; he’s a first-round warrior. Beyond that point, I think Chris is just going to dominate that fight and take over. I think his wrestling and his background and just being a smart guy, he’s going to wait and find his time and keep the pressure, like I should have, and get that wrestling game going. He’s strong enough to put Vitor on his back, and from then on, I think Vitor’s one of those guys too -- once you get him on his back, he’s kind of complacent. He just stays there looking for that old-school jiu-jitsu kind of style, which doesn’t work against these modern wrestler jiu-jitsu guys that are really good. I think Chris is going to stop everything Vitor will do off his back and he’s going to pound him in the face.”

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