‘Lucas’ Trailer Features ‘Star Wars’ Creator, Fighting Daughter, Zero Jar Jar

By: Sherdog.com Staff
Jan 29, 2013

George Lucas will appear in an upcoming documentary about Amanda Lucas, his adopted daughter and the current Deep women’s openweight champion. In a teaser trailer for the simply titled “Lucas” released this week by director Bobby Razak, the “Star Wars” creator says Amanda showed “very good coordination for her major motor skills” early in life.

Lucas also mentions that he “didn’t know a lot about mixed martial arts until a few years ago,” which leads to the awesome possibility that George Lucas actually knows a lot about mixed martial arts now. Awesome, that is, until he decides to go back and add CGI Brock Lesnars to all the pre-Zuffa UFC cards.

Read more about Amanda Lucas in this October 2011 profile by Tony Loiseleur.

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