Leonard Garcia to Train at Team Alpha Male, Plans to Get Better or Get Beat Up

By: Sherdog.com Staff
May 16, 2013

Leonard Garcia, on “Beatdown,” explaining why he’ll be training with Team Alpha Male before his July 19 bout in Legacy Fighting Championship:

“I’m here at Jackson’s now. I’m going to train here for two weeks and then I’m going to go to Alpha Male for a month and then come back here for the last two weeks. Just change things up, just see how it goes. Of course Alpha Male’s a group of guys that are highly talented and have really, really great ground skills, and that seems to be my Achilles heel whenever I fight. So why not go to a gym where every guy there is really good at that? Not to mention my cousin [Duane Ludwig is] out there teaching them more standup, and it’s showing in their fights. They’re knocking people out, but their base is still in wrestling. They’re still able to take guys down, hold them down, do the ground-and-pound thing. You go to a place like that, I have one of two choices: I’m either going to get beat up for a month or I’m going to get better.”

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