Jenkins: You Might Not Realize I’m a Wrestler

By: Staff
Oct 4, 2011
NCAA champion wrestler Bubba Jenkins, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing how some wrestlers use a conservative top-control game that fans do not enjoy:

“I’m a big MMA fan. I’ve been watching the sport and I’ve been one of those MMA fans who actually don’t like that. … I want it to be more, we use our wrestling ability to get in better positions in MMA, but in the long run we’re still fighting. We’re still trying to mix it up. We’re still trying to use all the disciplines. I like [to use] a wrestler’s base to show the guys, ‘Hey, we can take you down at will and we can keep you down if we want,’ but I definitely am going to go for my takedowns and I’m looking to ground-and-pound or submit somebody. Not too many people, unless you know that I’m a wrestler, are going to [realize] that I’m a wrestler. I’m explosive in everything that I do. I’m just going to be trying to throw those hands, knees and elbows. If wrestling happens to show during the fight, it’s only going to be there to survive or to make sure I win the position; but everything else, I’m going to use every discipline that they’re teaching me.”

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