Jamie Varner: Ryan Bader & C.B. Dollaway Were Better with Arizona Combat Sports

By: Sherdog.com Staff
Jun 7, 2012

Jamie Varner, on “Beatdown,” discussing why he thinks Ryan Bader, C.B. Dollaway and others left Arizona Combat Sports to form their own gym:

“Bader and C.B. and all those guys that left, I think they appreciate what [trainer Trevor Lally] did for them. Trevor took those guys that were just wrestlers and turned them into UFC fighters. He turned them into top, top-notch fighters, but they had an opportunity to open up their own gym. Then also, Trevor’s coaching style, he’s not the most -- he’s a perfectionist. He wants you to do stuff right. He’s going to get on your butt until you do it right. I think they had a hard time with that. He can be negative and stuff like that, but he means well. They just didn’t know. They didn’t know his coaching style. I’m so used to it. I think they had a hard time with it, and that’s probably ultimately why they left, but no one can deny how great they were when they were with us. Now that they’re on their own, they’re still doing good, but I think they were doing a lot better when they were under the Arizona Combat Sports banner.”

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