Jake Ellenberger Sees Himself Fighting 2 or 3 More Years

By: Sherdog.com Staff
Dec 21, 2012
Jake Ellenberger, on “Beatdown,” discussing MMA and how long he’ll be fighting:

“There’s probably not a day you go through training that you don’t ask yourself why do you do this and why do you want to do this. Because it’s not comfortable. I’ve invested a lot of time, money, everything into this. But yeah, you definitely ask yourself. It’s dangerous too. Nobody really understands it. That fear of the unknown is a big variable. There’s a very small window for the opportunity to become world champ. Realistically, we’ve got two or three years to do that. Honestly, that’s all. That’s how long I want to be in this sport, is maybe two or three more years. That’s just because it’s constantly changing, and if I do reach my goal, which I do believe I will, it will be in the next two or three years.”

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