Greg Jackson: End of Olympic Wrestling Could Have Effect on International MMA

By: Staff
May 3, 2013
Would the death of Olympic wrestling have an adverse effect on MMA? Tell us below in the comments section.

Greg Jackson, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether the end of Olympic wrestling will have an impact on MMA:

“I don’t know. Internationally, I think it will. I’m not sure if wrestling programs in some places are going to continue or not. That that’s even happening is the most ridiculous thing I can think of. You’re taking wrestling? You’re leaving rhythm gymnastics and you’re taking wrestling out? I’m dead serious when I say this: I will boycott the Olympics. They don’t give two you-know-whats about me, but that’s my own thing. I’m not watching the Olympics anymore if the sport that started it and that’s near and dear to my heart and has been a part of my family for three generations isn’t there. Give me a break. Why would I watch? I don’t really care about rhythm gymnastics, honestly.”


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