Google Glass: MMA From a Different Point of View

By: Tristen Critchfield
Dec 18, 2013
If you’ve ever been to a live sporting event, you’ve probably heard it.

“Get some glasses, ref!” the heckler in the cheap seats screams when a call doesn’t go in favor of his rooting interest.

As tired as that phrase may be, some mixed martial arts referees may actually be taking those words to heart -- though not in the manner you might think.

On Dec. 14, referees at Impera FC 2 in Rome, Italy were equipped with Google Glass for a select number of bouts. They were not prescribed to aid in vision, however. Instead, they provided a unique point of view to film the fights, one which could not be achieved with traditional cameras. Of course, Google Glass is not actually a pair of glasses at all. Instead, it is a head-mounted apparatus that looks something like eyewear but functions more like a computer or smart phone.

Impera Fighting Championship, the largest mixed martial arts promotion in Italy, partnered with Greater Fool Media, a YouTube multi-channel network in Italy, to distribute the Google Glass clips on various video sharing platforms.

Will the Google Glass concept catch on in larger mixed martial arts promotions around the world? That’s difficult to say. But imagine seeing the action of a major UFC bout from the eyes of Herb Dean, John McCarthy or even Kim Winslow. At the very least, it would provide a very different perspective.

Take a look at two Google Glass clips from this past Saturday’s Impera FC 2 event below:


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