Georgi Karakhanyan Respects Jose Aldo, But Believes He’d Do Well Against Him

By: Staff
Sep 19, 2013
How would Georgi Karakhanyan fare against the UFC's best? PTell us below. | Anthony Geathers/

Georgi Karakhanyan, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether he could beat UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo:

“All respect to Aldo. I’m not going to sit here and talk s--t like Conor McGregor’s doing. Aldo’s a tough fighter, but I think I could match up good against him, like any other featherweight thinks about that. Aldo is a very tough featherweight. You can’t just sit here and talk s--t about the guy, but I really think I could do good against him. … It would be like a soccer match. We’d be kicking each other until one of us starts limping or can’t walk anymore, but it’d be pretty exciting.”

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