Galvao-Estima To Clash for 88-kg Gold

By: Jordan Breen
Sep 27, 2009
2009 will see one of the world's best grapplers finally get their first ADCC title in the finals of the 88-kilogram category.

BJJ world champions Andre Galvao and Braulio Estima both advanced to the final with impressive semi-final performances against David Avellan and Rafael Lovato Jr. respectively, allowing for both men to vie for their first divisional ADCC crown.

Estima made short work of Lovato Jr., quickly catching him in a nasty footlock for the tapout. Lovato Jr. was in visible pain after the submission, and had to be helped off the mat by Saulo Ribeiro.

For Galvao, the shoe was on the other foot. David Avellan was able to thwart his butterfly and deep half game, and initiate a leglock battle. Avellan found a deep heel hook, but Galvao was able to sit over Avellan's leg and peel his grip, forcing a scramble. In said scramble, Galvao finished a clean single-leg takedown, which gave him a 2-0 points lead which he would carry to the end, winning his way to the finals.

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