Firas Zahabi Has No Ill Will for B.J. Penn, Believes Feeling Is Mutual

By: Staff
Jan 30, 2013

Trainer Firas Zahabi, on “Rewind,” discussing his relationship with B.J. Penn ahead of Penn’s UFC on Fox 5 bout against Rory MacDonald:

“He wants to score one over Tri-Star. I mean, if that’s what motivates him to fight, let him use that, but we have no ill will towards him. I don’t believe he has any ill will towards us. I think it’s just what motivates him. Me and him are good now together. We’ve talked several times. We buried the hatchet, and this is just going to be a sporting event for us. It’s just going to be man versus man, a fight like every other. Everybody’s got to find their motivation. If that’s his motivation, he should use it.”

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