Even If He Scores Third Straight Win, Joseph Benavidez Not Obsessing Over Title Shot

By: Sherdog.com Staff
Sep 3, 2013
Joseph Benavidez, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether he deserves to be in the flyweight title conversation if he beats Jussier da Silva:

“It’s just something I’ve learned to not obsess over. I can’t control that. Going for the title or even winning and losing, just the result of things, I can’t control that, so I try not to obsess over it. I look at the fight in front of me, the practice in front of me, and I know that’s going to get me better. … If I’m doing everything right, whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen. … Yes, I can ask for a title shot, but that’s not something I do. I just like to take every day as it is and just kind of let things play themselves out.”


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