Done Eating ‘Sand,’ Nik Lentz Sees Benefits of New Diet

By: Staff
May 15, 2013

Nik Lentz, on “Beatdown,” discussing the benefits he found from working with Mike Dolce and cutting out processed foods:

“Number one, I have way more energy. I sleep better. I train harder. It allowed me to literally double the workload I put on myself. I actually have about twice as many workouts as I used to and I still feel better because of when I eat and what I’m eating. It gives me the energy that I need. Also, just in general, I think better and just everything about it is better. Maybe I can’t put it into words, but if you stop eating stuff that’s not real -- if you eat a bunch of sand every day, you’re not going to feel very good. That’s pretty much what people eat everyday. They just eat some sand with different mixtures of scientific corn mixed into it. You eat that, obviously it’s not going to let you reach your full potential. You’re not going to be functioning like humans are supposed to.”


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