Dan Cormier Loses Flyweight Title Fight -- Wait, What?

By: Jordan Breen
Jan 7, 2013
Dan Cormier came up short in his bid for the Reality Fighting flyweight title at Saturday’s “New Year’s Bash” in Uncasville, Conn. This must come as a crushing blow for Cormier, who had to shed more than 100 pounds in order to compete for-- No, wait, sorry. We were thinking of a different Dan Cormier.

But from the sounds of it, the diminutive, Rhode Island-based Cormier is a good dude, just like the celebrated Strikeforce heavyweight with whom he shares a name. From the East Providence Patch:

As a flyweight, Cormier stands 5-4 and weighs 125 pounds. He trains out of the Tri-Force MMA gym in Pawtucket, inside the well-known Manfredo’s Gym.

Part of Cormier’s purse will go to the East Providence Middle School Athletic Boosters Club. It is working to raise money to bring back sports at the Riverside and Martin middle schools.

I also adore that he’s a 5-foot-4 white flyweight. Can both Dan Cormiers team up and be a big guy-small guy, black guy-white guy duo? Perhaps become police officers in a major metropolitan area?
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