DaMarques Johnson vs. James Wilks: Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale

By: Jake Rossen
Jun 20, 2009

Up Next: Damarques Johnson vs. James Wilks
This is what separates fighters from normal people: Johnson lost his first two pro fights, but kept at it anyway -- long after you or I would be exploring an exciting new career in roof tarring. Johnson’s stand-up is probably going to be sufficient to batter Wilks, who made his way to the finals after defeating a pre-pummeled Frank Lester in the semis.

Round 1
Johnson sports the US flag shorts, making it very easy for the beer-and-nacho crowd to keep their cheering straight. It gets violent quickly. Wilks is proving sturdier than expected, unloading on Johnson early. He tries a "compression lock" on Johnson's leg, more by accident than design. Then Wilks locks in a rear-naked choke for the win. The UK sweeps both finals. Wilks will go home to a party, a contract, and a TiVo full of "Doctor Who"; Johnson gets squat.

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