Brent Brookhouse Joins Press Row

By: Jordan Breen
Apr 6, 2011

Every Wednesday, Administrative Editor Jordan Breen welcomes a member of the mixed martial arts media into “Press Row” on the blog. This week, Breen is joined by editor Brent Brookhouse.

Breen and Brookhouse discuss the forthcoming Strikeforce welterweight title bout between Nick Diaz and Paul Daley, which one of the two has more to lose in the fight and how exactly Daley can take the title from Diaz. The pair also weigh in on the future for either man in the wake of Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce.

The duo also discuss the similarities and differences between Diaz and Daley from a personality perspective, what makes Nick Diaz MMA's quintessential anti-hero, and why Paul Daley isn't as well-received as his similarly outspoken welterweight counterpart.

Grab your credential and get a seat in “Press Row.”

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